Marc See

Musical Genius | Extraordinary Storyteller | Connoisseur of Contemporary Art
8 ball Corner Pocket…
God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not shoot, the courage to shoot the things I can, and the wisdom to hide the evidence. My only evidence will be an empty table where the ivory once sat.
Usually around this time the streets are bare…and usually I’m #StillGrinding
Posted with Indie Killed the Popstar at Nuradio. Be on the lookout for this potent artist!
Up at Nuradio clowning around with Michael Gadiva… lol. Her energy is extraordinary so I fux wit her!
They pretend to know, but they have no idea.
Killin em on the strip. Black Bike Week 2014. Myrtle Beach, SC
I only fux with real ni**as. Networking with the homie and ceo of Reiko Gang Ent
Patiently waiting on my business partner…………………………
Nothing needs to be said when you can #SEE for yourself.
I woke up like this… The exact same way I left off… My current situation… #StillGrinding
Well I decided to tag my Thinking Cap #SciFiHiFiWiFi
Just finished up a great interview with my good friend Jawz of Life at Made In The Dirty South Radio powered by The Dungeon Family. If you missed this interview, then you missed a real sincere and honest Marc See interview.